popwert90 asked: What are some of your most used songs in your videos? I usually hear the same type of music in a lot of review style themed youtube shows, but can't pin point what the names of the songs are. I know you use a lot of Nintendo stuff, but do you know from what games in particular? I definitely hear a lot of Mumbo mountain from people; I like that one.


Mumbo Mountain is pretty common because of it’s silly tone. I’m always on the lookout for new stuff though, my music folder for videos is literally over 20 gigs now because I collect lots of game OST’s and I separate them into many categories like “Upbeat” or like by Feelings (Sad, Silly) stuff like that.

I like a lot of Nintendo stuff because it is upbeat, you’ll see me using lots of Mario stuff a lot, including Mario RPG, I like to use Donkey Kong a lot too when I can. Ionno, I use a little of everything. I use the OST from the games i’m usually covering a lot too during the segments of that particular game.

TLOK and hugs - 3/4 

Book 3 for Bryan and Mike

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Like most of the internet, I turned something into an Adventure Time reference.

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wait why was he the bad guy i dont understand

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what I want to do for halloween:


what I’ll end up doing on halloween:


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One can never draw too much Elizabeth.

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I’m so terrified over this ISIS bullshit. I wish I lived in the UK or some other country that doesn’t piss people off every 10 minutes


"what do you want to do with your life?"


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